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What We Offer

Capturing the essence of every occasion with a focus on candid photography, our team possesses a unique ability to blend into the background, ensuring genuine moments are immortalized in each frame.

Candid Photography

Capturing genuine moments filled with emotion and authenticity.
Expertise in seamlessly blending into the background to document events naturally.

Wedding Photography

Comprehensive coverage of your special day, from pre-wedding rituals to the grand celebration.
Stunning portraits and candid shots that reflect the love and joy of the occasion.

Baby Photography

Capturing the innocence and joy of early childhood in adorable and memorable shots. Over a decade of excellence in the industry.

Maternity Photography

Celebrating the beauty of pregnancy with artistic and heartfelt images. A passionate team dedicated to preserving your precious moments.


Our creative and personalized sessions result in beautiful images that tell the unique story of your love, setting the perfect tone for your upcoming wedding celebration.


After the vows and celebrations, let D-Knot continue the magic with our post-wedding photography service. Relive the romance and joy of your special day through stunning images that capture the enduring love and connection shared between you and your partner.

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Reflect the love and joy of the occasion

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Where every click tells a story.


Frequency Asked Question

  • D-Knot Photography stands out for its decade-long expertise, specializing in candid photography that captures genuine moments and emotions.
  • Our team’s unique ability to blend into the background ensures an authentic storytelling experience.
  • We provide comprehensive wedding photography coverage, including pre-wedding rituals, the ceremony, and the grand celebration.
  • Our goal is to document your special day with stunning portraits and candid shots that reflect the love and joy of the occasion.

Absolutely! D-Knot Photography offers customizable photography packages to suit your unique requirements and budget.

We believe in providing tailored solutions to make your photography experience personalized and memorable.

Yes, we specialize in professional documentation of corporate events, conferences, and seminars.

Our team ensures high-quality images that capture key moments and the essence of your business gatherings.

  • Our maternity photography celebrates the beauty of pregnancy with artistic and heartfelt images.
  • For baby photography, we capture the innocence and joy of early childhood in adorable and memorable shots, ensuring a unique and heartwarming experience.

Booking is simple! Contact D-Knot Photography at +91 98433 15111 to discuss your requirements.

  • Yes, D-Knot Photography is available for destination weddings both within India and internationally.
  • We love to travel and are committed to capturing your special moments wherever your heart desires.
  • At D-Knot Photography, we believe in enhancing the beauty of each photograph while maintaining its authenticity.
  • Our team meticulously edits and post-processes images to ensure they meet our high standards of quality and aesthetics, delivering stunning results that exceed expectations.

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